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Till Defriending Do Us Part

The Dos and Don'ts of Facebook for Couples

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  • DO: Remember that public displays of affection are even more annoying online

    It's wonderful that you and your partner love each other, but be considerate of others when expressing it via Facebook. Chances are that a good chunk of your uncoupled friends, while not completely bitter, don't really want to hear you profess your undying love for your spouse just because he made you macaroni and cheese for dinner. If your boyfriend is getting back from Afghanistan, then sure, that's post-worthy. But be mindful that most Facebook posts of admiration will only cause an avalanche of eye-rolling among your friends. And what's more, these public displays of affection may actually be a sign of strain in the relationship. "This oversharing—making the private public—is not to be taken at face value," says Agger. "When I read such things, I immediately worry that there is trouble in paradise."

    DON'T: Poke anyone, for any reason, ever

    Poking someone on Facebook is the online equivalent of strolling up to a stranger at a bar and asking, "Hey, what's your sign?" It might be the only feature on Facebook created specifically for flirting, so it's definitely off limits to anyone in a committed relationship. Jason and Kelli Krafksy, relationship experts who run Techlationships.com, further clarify that "poking is nothing more than a way to digitally flirt like a third grader ... bug the heck out of someone until they despise you ... and hide from you."

Till Defriending Do Us Part
The Dos and Don'ts of Facebook for Couples
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