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Till Defriending Do Us Part

The Dos and Don'ts of Facebook for Couples

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  • DO: Make sure your relationship status reads, "In a relationship"

    This one may seem like a no-brainer, but people who are new to Facebook might not realize that there even is a relationship status setting. Well, there is, and if you're married but fail to signify as such, then every person who brushed against you in the hallways of high school and college will immediately evaluate you as a potential hook-up. And don't think that using your child as a profile picture will deter Facebook trawlers. Quite often, just the opposite happens. "I think it is fair to say that men may read divorced women with kids as sexually needy," says Agger. Of course, that isn't necessarily true—but the advances will come nonetheless.

    DON'T: Wear a bikini in your profile picture—no matter how jealous you want to make your old high school nemesis

    It's awesome that, even after giving birth to three kids, you're in better shape now than you were in high school. That said, you don't need to inform everyone of this accomplishment. Instead, try to exercise a little modesty when selecting a profile picture. "You shouldn't be posting provocative photos on Facebook," says Spira. "You're advertising that you just might be available for flirting—or more—outside of your relationship." And you don't have to put up a picture of your toddler covered in his own spit-up to detract unwanted advances; just don't use any photo that might provoke an old flame to inappropriately exercise the "like" button. The only exception is if you were recently a contestant on The Biggest Loser, or have made some other major physical transformation for which you are really proud. But still, even if you want to show a little skin, make sure there is zero "come hither" to your profile picture.

Till Defriending Do Us Part
The Dos and Don'ts of Facebook for Couples
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