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Real Concern? Selfie-Obsessed Toddlers

The trend reaches 2-year-olds

  • Raquel Lonas/Getty Images

    The selfie obsession has officially made its way to the next generation of tech users.

    The Associated Press reports how the solo photo-taking trend has captured the fascination of toddlers (and, in turn, their parents), so much so that tech companies have developed apps to make it easy to take photos with small fingers. And while a steady stream of photos taken by your little one has its perks (more pictures to share with relatives, more memories captured), some parents worry that the habit will eventually turn their children into self-absorbed adults.

    While a child's obsession with anything is worth keeping tabs on, if your 2-year-old enjoys snapping selfies, there's no need to panic quite yet. According to Dr. Margaret K. Keiley, professor and director of clinical research for the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at Auburn University in Auburn, Ala., critical periods for behavioral and emotional development begin in infancy—well before tots learn to snap their own photos. While that doesn't mean kids are damage-proof against selfies, Dr. Keiley cautions against jumping to conclusions until there's more research.

    After all, as the AP article mentions, it's normal for toddlers to be a bit fascinated by their own image—it's actually a healthy part of their development. How many times have you carried a tot to the mirror just to entertain or distract them for a bit? Nothing wrong with that.

Real Concern? Selfie-Obsessed Toddlers
The trend reaches 2-year-olds
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