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Vow of Silence

What You Should Never Say to Your Best Friend

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    You can say anything to your best friend, right? Well, yes and no. Your close relationship gives you lots of leeway, but there's a fine line between honesty and insult. While you may think you've never said anything offensive to your BFF, there have likely been times when your words have inadvertently stung. Saying something as simple as "Hey, have you lost weight?" could elicit a different reaction than you expected, thanks to its loaded meaning, says Jill Melton, communication expert and author of The Power of the Zip. Read on for nine things you should never say to your best friend, plus learn better ways to get your point across.

    "Don't you want children?"

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    Sure, there are obviously offensive comments you wouldn't make to childless friends, like what a pal once told Helen*: "Good thing you never had kids—you can hardly take care of yourself!" But even the mild-sounding Don't you want children? makes assumptions about what's going on in another person's head and life, says Melton. What if your friend desperately wants kids but is struggling with infertility? Or what if she doesn't want to be a mother but would rather avoid an awkward conversation about her decision? When it comes to discussing kids, let your friend take the lead. "If she wants to discuss her choice, she'll bring it up herself," says Melton.

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Vow of Silence
What You Should Never Say to Your Best Friend
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