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Vow of Silence

What You Should Never Say to Your Best Friend

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  • "You've lost weight!"

    "Weight is a dirty word—period," says Lillian Glass, Ph.D., body language expert and author of The Body Language Advantage. if you're trying to give a compliment, this statement can confuse, or even insult, your friend. What if she lost weight because she's been depressed? Or perhaps she didn't think she'd lost any weight and now worries that you thought she was overweight before.

    If you suspect that your friend has slimmed down, just say, You look wonderful! advises Glass. Who knows? She could look great thanks to a fabulous haircut or new outfit; there's no need to make assumptions about what changed. That said, if a friend has dropped an alarming amount of weight and you're worried about her health, then bring it up in a way that conveys your concern, says Melton. Try, I've noticed you're looking thinner lately. Is something going on that you want to talk about?

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Vow of Silence
What You Should Never Say to Your Best Friend
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