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We Got Remarried — to Each Other!

One Couple Shares Their Story

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  • On the wings of love: This couple's bond wasn't for the birds — it just needed time.


    An estimated six percent of American couples marry, divorce and then remarry each other, according to psychology professor Nancy Kalish, who researched the topic for her book Lost & Found Lovers: Facts and Fantasies of Rekindled Romances. Max, 50, and Abby, 47, are one such couple. After getting married and starting a life together in California, they divorced — only to get back together, move across the country to rural Georgia, and remarry each other three years after their divorce. They shared their story of commitment and growth with Glo.

    How did you two decide to get remarried?

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    Max: There was really never a time when we didn't love each other, but we had some differences that we needed to work through. Once we worked through them (and we were living together again), we wanted to get married again, because we both believe in marriage and the commitment it represents.

    Abby: At different times during the first years of our relationship, we both felt that the other person wasn't as committed as we would have liked. We would separate emotionally, and sometimes physically, but neither of us was happy during those times. We soon discovered that we really do belong together, but we both needed to commit 100% (at the same time) to our relationship. This also coincided with our children [from our previous marriages] reaching adulthood and having less of an impact on the dynamics of our relationship. Your heart, your soul, your everything is pulled toward your child — for both mothers and dads — and our kids sometimes pulled us in different directions. Now that our kids are grown, we tend to agree on what to do as parents. It's been a maturing process.

We Got Remarried — to Each Other!
One Couple Shares Their Story
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