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We Got Remarried — to Each Other!

One Couple Shares Their Story

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  • What's the best part about being remarried?

    Max: Knowing that I'll never get married again. Getting married just solidified the commitment. When you're living together, you're committed; but marriage let each of us know that we were really committed.

    Abby: We've reached the stage where (for the first time ever) it's just the two of us. We're a lot closer as a couple and really enjoy each other's company. We make decisions together, and I'm finding that we are more alike than different in our respective approaches to dealing with the day-to-day stuff.

    What tips do you have for keeping a strong, healthy marriage?

    Abby: The ability to compromise, selflessness (but not to the point of being a doormat), showing affection and genuine concern for each other and finding ways to be part of each others lives — not simply sharing the same street address. Ultimately, and this sounds awful, I wouldn't change a thing [about our past]. Even though we went through hard times, we learned a lot about each other. And we grew as a couple and as individuals.

    Max: Acceptance and love. And remembering that marriage is not all about you.

We Got Remarried — to Each Other!
One Couple Shares Their Story
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