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Oh, No You Didn't

10 things never to say to a single mom

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  • 3. "You must have unorthodox views on parenting."

    Not necessarily. A Women at NBCU study found that 55 percent of single moms agreed to the statement, "I consider myself to be a very traditional mom." *Kayla, a single mom to a toddler daughter, couldn't agree more. "I'm a nurse and my child attends day care, like all of my married mom friends. As for the weekends, you can find me at mommy-and-me class and grocery shopping." Kayla says you wouldn't be able to pick her out as a single mom in a lineup at the playground. So just because a woman's parenting solo doesn't mean she's doing anything markedly different from a mom-and-dad duo.

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    4. "Where's his babydaddy?"

    "Babydaddy" is a word that makes single mom *Donna cringe. "People assume because I'm young that I'm wrapped up in drama, but it's just the opposite. My son's father and I aren't together, but his dad is active physically and financially." Even if the dad isn't involved, questions about a child's biological father fall strictly into the mind-your-own-business category, says Leah Klungness, PhD, author of The Complete Single Mother and co-founder of SingleMommyhood.com. "If you have to ask, that means this single mom has chosen not to share information about that man with you." Follow the mom's lead: If she brings up her child's father in conversation, then maybe she'll satisfy your curiosity. If it doesn't come up, it's because she doesn't want it to—and you should respect that.

Oh, No You Didn't
10 things never to say to a single mom
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