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Best-Kept "Big Day" Secrets

10 Things your wedding planner won't tell you

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  • 8. I know better than you do. 

    Planners sometimes have to play detective to figure out what brides want. "I laugh when brides tell me they don't want traditional," says Gilbert. "I'll take them to a funky loft space, and then they'll say, 'I didn't mean that!' What a bride usually means by 'not traditional' is 'not a hotel ballroom.'" Or a planner might ignore your request completely. "A recent client asked us to order 17 taxis," says Kate Miller of Kate Miller Events in Sacramento, CA. "We knew they wouldn't need that many, so we ordered six—and they used one. In the case they needed all six, we could have easily called more."

    9.  I hate when you try to save money by hiring friends and relatives as vendors.

    It's tempting to take up your aunt on her offer to make the cake, but you may find out too late that's she's not as great at baking as she claims to be—or that she has her own ideas about what she wants to create. "Friendors are the worst,” says Miller. "By the time a couple realizes they should have hired a professional, there's no replacing that person, because I'll never find someone as cheap. Even the most responsible friends won't care about your wedding as much as you do. I'm OK with a friend as the officiant, but I'd never recommend using one as the DJ or florist."

Best-Kept "Big Day" Secrets
10 Things your wedding planner won't tell you
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