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Whine Away

How to Complain Effectively In Any Situation

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  • No need to pout. These strategies for effective complaining can smooth over any unpleasant situation.


    Life may give you plenty of opportunities to gripe, but knowing the right way to complain and get a positive result in return can be tricky in most everyday situations. Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D., author of A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness, says that by being assertive when an issue arises, you can strike a balance between passively keeping your complaints to yourself and screaming about cold coffee. Ask yourself if the aggravating situation will matter in a week or a month, suggests life coach Valorie Burton, founder of Coaching & Positive Psychology Institute and author of Where Will You Go From Here? If the answer is yes, then learn how to complain effectively by following this situation-based advice.

    Your neighbor's dog does number two in your yard… again.

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    If you're tired of finding surprises left by Fido, then before approaching your neighbors for the first time, give them the benefit of the doubt in order to avoid a huge confrontation. Try saying, "You guys are probably unaware of this, but your dog has been doing his business all over our yard. Any ideas on how we can keep him out?" Guy Winch, Ph.D., author of The Squeaky Wheel, says they are more likely to comply if they don't feel that they are to blame. However, if they insist that it can't be their dog, but you are certain because you saw him commit the deed, then you should let them know. "If the idea of a confrontation is intimidating, you can tell them in writing," suggests Winch. Drop off a simple note stating, "I just wanted to clarify that I saw Rover 'fertilize' my yard several times. I'm letting you know because I assumed you were unaware of what he was doing and I would like to make sure it doesn't happen again."

Whine Away
How to Complain Effectively In Any Situation
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