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Whine Away

How to Complain Effectively In Any Situation

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  • You catch your babysitter texting when she should be watching the kids.

    Though it's probably not likely that the children are in any danger, you should take this as a sign that you need to clarify your expectations of her job, while also letting her know that you understand why she is texting. By using this empathizing strategy, you are showing her that you are in tune with her life, prompting her to listen as well as take action, explains Lombardo. Try saying, "I know your friends are important to you and that you like to keep in touch with them, but I'd prefer it if you reserved your texting for when the kids are asleep." If she becomes defensive or is taken aback by this complaint, then you can say, "I'm sure you understand how, if you were a mother paying someone to take care of your children, you would want the babysitter to be focused on them and their safety," suggests Lombardo. If she has been an amazing babysitter up until this point, then make sure you reinforce how much you appreciate what she has done in the past with a recent example of how she has helped your kids.

Whine Away
How to Complain Effectively In Any Situation
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