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Why Don't You Call?

How to Manage Long-Distance Relationships With Your Kids

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    So your son or daughter got into grad school or landed a plum job in the city. Naturally, you couldn't be more proud—and a little bit terrified. Because lurking behind those genuine feelings of relief and joy is a tinge of longing. After all, your child—er, young adult—will be leaving the nest. And except for calls about money (can they borrow some?) and laundry (hot water or cold?), you might never hear from them.

    To help you cope with the impending separation (without the nail-biting anxiety), we asked some leading parenting and relationship experts how to maintain a happy, thriving bond with your ever-growing kids, no matter where in the world they go.

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    Make A Date

    One of the easiest ways for parents and kids to connect from afar is by talking on the phone. However, it's really important that they discuss their communication expectations beforehand, says Vanessa Van Petten, founder of RadicalParenting.com and author of Do I Get My Allowance Before or After I'm Grounded?: Stop Fighting, Start Talking, and Get to Know Your Teen. "Parents and kids should agree upon how often they want to talk and, if possible, set up a 'date' time to chat every week so parents can look forward to the time," she says. This way, "long games of phone tag are avoided."

Why Don't You Call?
How to Manage Long-Distance Relationships With Your Kids
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