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Why I Hate Halloween

This writer says "boo humbug" to the popular holiday

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    I like scary movies and have nothing against candy as a whole. I can even tolerate the occasional costume party, assuming the dress-up requirements aren't too stringent and the party has no relationship to Halloween, a holiday that welcomes bad behavior, gluttony and tacky get-ups. Before you hurl a pumpkin my way, find out why:

    1. The Overage Trick-or-Treaters

    As a woman living alone, I don't like answering the door to strangers, much less to strangers wearing ghoulish masks and holding ominous Grim Reaper scythes. I'm referring to the teenagers who come clamoring for candy. (And then come back again, a half hour later, as if you might have forgotten they were already there.)

    The bottom line is this: If you're old enough to go trick-or-treating without your parents, then you shouldn't go trick-or-treating at all. In fact, towns in Maryland, Virginia, Illinois and elsewhere have banned kids over 12 from partaking in the door-to-door tradition. Until my own town catches up, I'll be keeping the lights off and ignoring the doorbell—no matter how many times you ring it.

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Why I Hate Halloween
This writer says "boo humbug" to the popular holiday
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