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Why Women Gossip

Find out the perks and pitfalls of our gift for gab

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  • The old me would have grabbed the mic and launched into a monologue braised with insecurities and self-deprecation. Up until a year or so ago, I shared like a pro, a Siamese twin. When talk turned to work, you could trust me to recount every detail of a messy breakup with a writing partner. If someone brought up sex, I was the first to admit that a postpartum drought between my husband and me had yet to be quenched. At a charity luncheon, I told a table of ladies how I mistakenly overdosed on cough syrup at my daughter's first birthday party and hallucinated that I saw a charging rhino. Too much, you say? I agree.

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    But there was a heady buzz that came with tossing my latest career hiccup or social blunder into the lap of another woman. Never mind that it made me the center of attention and I could tweak the details with every retelling to heighten the drama. It also made me feel a little reckless—like I do when I stand in front of the refrigerator and paw at leftover pad thai for breakfast. Once I started gushing over a cocktail or on a late-night phone call with a girlfriend, it was really hard to stop.

Why Women Gossip
Find out the perks and pitfalls of our gift for gab
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