• Cover: November 26, 2014
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You're Married, Now What?

How to survive the post-wedding blues

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  • The day after the wedding (or the honeymoon) can feel like a letdown. "This is what I imagine postpartum depression to feel like," says Kate Jetto, 26, who got married earlier this summer. "There's this huge anticipation before your wedding. It's all you talk about, and all anyone in your life talks about. Then, in a flash, it's completely over."

    Newlywed Mineko Anne, 31, admits that it's also easy to miss being the center of attention. "It's sad to no longer have all the love and excitement that surrounded you during the preparation time," she says.

    Post-wedding blues aren't merely superficial. They're a reminder that marriage marks a significant life transition. "More than anything, I just miss my family," says Jetto, who is from the Hudson Valley in New York, but lives with her husband in Brooklyn. "I was talking to my mom four or five times a day on the phone. I got married on my aunt and uncle's farm in Vermont. I don't know when in my life I am ever again going to have all of these people I love so much in the same place. It feels a little empty."

You're Married, Now What?
How to survive the post-wedding blues
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