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You're Married, Now What?

How to survive the post-wedding blues

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  • So what can you do about it? It may sound simplistic, but the best way to stave off post-wedding blues is to look toward the future. "Before the wedding, talk often with your partner about what life will be after the wedding, and about expectations and life goals for the future," recommends O'Neill. "Keep in mind that the wedding is an entry into the rest of your life, and that the rest of your life is much more important."

    Making concrete long-term plans before the big day is also important. If you've already set up house with your husband-to-be, then think about other hallmark events that you can look forward to. "It can be something small like saving up for a weekend vacation, or something big like buying your first home," says Kristine Solomon, Site Director of TheNest.com.

    And even though you might feel like your pals have forgotten about you or, even worse, moved on to the next bride in their lives, the post-wedding period can actually be a great time to cement your friendships. "During the months leading up to the wedding, you're just talking to the people who are helping you put the wedding together," says Solomon. "You might be neglecting your other friends. Now is the perfect time to make it up to those people."

You're Married, Now What?
How to survive the post-wedding blues
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