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Body of Work

A model's journey from "too big" to "not big enough" to total body acceptance

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  • This started with me learning to appreciate the gifts I had been given that had nothing to do with my appearance. In the past, I had spent so much time judging myself for being right or wrong or bad or good that I had no room left to acknowledge all the things that I was doing right, and all the qualities I possessed that were unique and authentic to me.

    Years later, when I had finally come to terms with the natural curves of my body and stopped worrying about trying to look like a hanger, I got an offer to become a model again. This time, a plus-sized one. But first, I would have to gain some weight.

    Sometimes I believe we are tested one final time to see if we really did learn those lessons we were meant to learn. I was finally happy with how I looked and who I was as a size 8. I wasn't going to fall down the rabbit hole of trying to meet other people's expectations. I did start modeling again, but I was emphatic that I would not gain or lose weight, and we would simply see what happened.

Body of Work
A model's journey from "too big" to "not big enough" to total body acceptance
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