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Body of Work

A model's journey from "too big" to "not big enough" to total body acceptance

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  • I'm not going to lie—it was a tough start. Almost every casting agent I saw said the same thing: I was too small for plus size and too large for "straight" size, the industry term for the regular models. I wasn't going to force something that wasn't there, so I went back to school and studied holistic health and healing. Over the next year, though, calls began rolling in with modeling requests for me at my true size. I suppose that because I was one of the very few models at this in-between size, people took a chance on me‹and it worked when it came to selling their clothes. Overall, I see more and more clients getting away from defining themselves as "plus size," instead using a variety of models.My career grew to be more successful than it had ever been—even during those years of deprivation when I so desperately wanted to be on the runway.

    I recently had an opportunity to travel back to Paris to work with the legendary photographer Albert Watson, who was shooting me for a story celebrating the beauty of a womanly shape. As I walked along the Seine, I was grateful. My life had come full circle. It had been 12 years since I was sent away from here for being too curvy. This time, I was there for the most exciting job of my career.

Body of Work
A model's journey from "too big" to "not big enough" to total body acceptance
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