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With all the excitement surrounding today's official start of the World Cup tournament, we're not surprised to learn from WWD that more than a few fashion designers are creating special products in honor of the games. A master craftsman at Louis Vuitton created a handmade case to house the championship trophy; Giorgio Armani has created a collection of men's accessories for his Emporio line, and Italian duo Dolce & Gabbana is once again outfitting their national team with a snazzy custom suit. You, too, can get in on the action in a French Connection t-shirt, featuring black-and-white photographs of soccer superstars Pelè, Bobby Moore and George Best, or Hugo Boss's polo shirts and caps that are color-coded by team. (WWD)

From high-end designs to … well, let's just say something else, we've finally seen our first taste of Jersey Shore girl, Jenni "J-WoWW" Farley's clothing line, Filthy Couture. Sporting a revealing bubblegum-pink minidress on the MTV Movie Awards' red carpet, the reality star told People, "I'm more like rocker-edgy, but very sexy … all my dresses and bathing suits and my jeans and shirts will be like that." Um, okay. (People)


Apparently, large cats (think jaguars and tigers) love Calvin Klein's Obsession for Men. No, seriously. Wildlife experts have found that the animals are incredibly attracted to this particular scent. And the experts even use it to help further their research by spraying their cameras with the cologne to better track jaguar populations. A nose knows quality, even in the jungle. (Wall Street Journal)

New York City salon De Berardinis is getting rid of print magazines for clients to peruse in the chair. But not to worry — they're replacing them with iPads. Now this is the kind of trend we hope spreads like wildfire, because playing with the cool new gadget while getting pretty sounds like a perfect combination. (BellaSugar)


President Barack Obama's 1981 Manhattan apartment is on the market. Far from the splendor of his White House digs, the 600-square-foot, two-bedroom apartment has been upgraded a bit since Obama called it home as a Columbia University student. Listed for $1,850 a month, the Upper West Side apartment is advertised as having hardwood floors, exposed brick, a marble bathroom, high ceilings and big windows. Quite the New Yorker's dream. Meanwhile, the apartment's broker has been fielding calls non-stop from patriotic Americans who just want a tour. (NY Daily News)

The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has been going on for over fifty days now. Etsy (the online marketplace for all things handmade) has created a collective shop that is donating all proceeds to charities aimed at cleaning up the Gulf Coast. Selling housewares like pillows and bowls, along with jewelry, clothing and art, the site is donating 100% of the profits to Oxfam America and the National Audubon Society. (Apartment Therapy)


Scientists may have proven the existence of a strange-but-true sleep disorder: "sexsomnia." According to researchers, after studying over 800 people at a sleep disorder clinic "7.6 percent had sexomnia or 'sleep sex' with partners already in their beds. More often men than women, sexomniacs don't remember having sex, and their partners often don't realize they're asleep." Sweet dreams? (TresSugar)

Love takes its toll on men, perhaps more than we realize. A recent study from researchers at Wake Forest University and Florida State University found that guys are more likely to suffer emotionally from relationship problems than women are. Study co-author Robin Simon explains that "for young men, their romantic partners are often their primary source of intimacy — in contrast to young women, who are more likely to have close relationships with family and friends." (Jezebel)

  • Jenni "J-WoWW" Farley in a dress from her own line, Filthy Couture.

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The News To Know Now
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