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What to wear when you are pregnant seems to be one of fashion's biggest conundrums. Not only how to look good, but how not to spend a fortune for clothes that you're really only wearing for a few months. And, inevitably, an event will pop up in your calendar that calls for more than just the basics, and what are you supposed to do then? RentMaternityWear.com comes to the rescue with designer duds for pregnant ladies. Just point, click, wear and return. We wonder if they have an in-house tailor. ... (LimeLife)

There was a lot of buzz surrounding that now-infamous bikini shot, so in a move to possibly one-up herself, Helen Mirren bared it all for fashion photographer Juergen Teller in NY Magazine's Summer Issue. We wouldn't exactly say the photos are racy, but Mirren does dish about some provocative topics, including sex toys and her upcoming role in husband Taylor Hackford's movie, Love Ranch, in which she plays the madam of a whorehouse in Reno. (NY Magazine)


Actress Evan Rachel Wood signed a deal to be the face of an as-yet-unnamed new fragrance from Gucci. (James Franco is the other celeb they use on the men's side.) It's an interesting choice, to be sure, as the actress — while critically acclaimed by many — doesn't have the broad appeal of, say, Natalie Portman who recently signed with Parfums Christian Dior. (BellaSugar)

Media site Gawker uncovered some very interesting memos regarding American Apparel's grooming policies for their staff. Some of the stand-outs: Hair must be kept its natural color, bangs (and excessive blow-drying) are discouraged, and eyebrows must not be over-plucked. The list goes on and on. Seems pretty rigid for a company willing to cross so many lines in its ad campaigns, doesn't it? (Gawker)


Twilight stars Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart shack up! Set off the beaten path on a lake surrounded by wooded forest, the couple's LA home is a simple one-bedroom, two-story guesthouse with a gourmet kitchen and cherry-wood floors. With plenty of privacy, these two (who still haven't confirmed their romance) will be able to stay away from the Twi-hard fans and paparazzi. (US Weekly)


A controversial new study claims that drinking while pregnant may actually be good for your unborn baby. Conducted by Western Australia Pregnancy, the study assessed 3,000 child participants over 14 years and suggests that "light to moderate consumption of alcohol during pregnancy could benefit children's development." In fact, the study allegedly found that kids born to moms who imbibed were better behaved than those whose moms didn't drink at all. (LimeLife)

It's safe to say that many of us would do just about anything to keep our significant others happy. But, as the New York Times reports, for many of us that may include shaving your guy's back. Oh, yes. As the pressure on men to be as smooth and hair-free as those Armani underwear models grows, their wives and girlfriends are more often than not enlisted to undertake the unwanted-hair-removal task. Which begs the question: Would you shave your man's back if he asked you to? (TresSugar)


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The News To Know Now
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