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Here's another reason to add New York to your list of cities to visit this summer. Last week 33 mannequins designed (and in some cases dressed) by prominent American fashion designers, including Tommy Hilfiger, Norma Kamali and Diane von Furstenberg, were unveiled as part of a public art exhibit called Sidewalk Catwalk. The goal of the show is to highlight NYC's midtown garment district as a center of creativity and the heart of the American garment industry — an industry that's shrinking rapidly due to manufacturers moving overseas because of lower costs. We think this is one of the coolest ideas to get the word out that we've seen yet. (WWD)

Trend alert — designer fashion diapers are all the rage! First it was denim Huggies (as their ad says, they're "full of chic"), and now Pampers is getting in on the act with a full collection of diapers designed by Cynthia Rowley. Styles include madras, stripes and printed ruffles. We love Rowley's ready-to-wear collection and her recent collaboration with Roxy, so we're betting these nappies will be pretty darn cute. (Jezebel)


We knew Tyra Banks wouldn't stay out of the limelight for long after leaving her (often wacky) talk show. She's signed a deal to launch a beauty and fashion web venture that will "would provide my audience with inspirational and instructional content to help them look and feel their best." Her heart's always in the right place, but are you one to take beauty advice from Tyra? (NY Post)

Here at Glo, we love embracing our natural beauty. So when we hear about studies stating that teenagers and young twenty-somethings are turning to Botox, we get a little freaked out. Ladies, ladies, ladies, there is just no reason to go there at your ages. Just cleanse, moisturize and wear your sunscreen!! (LimeLife)


Grown Ups star Rob Schneider has taken to Craigslist to sell his $3 million home. The comedian's place has been on the market since last fall, and now he's taking the road less traveled to sell his 5,000 square foot French Normandy style home located in San Marino, CA (which boasts four bedrooms, four baths and two half-baths). Guess everyone is getting creative in this housing crunch. (Shelterpop)

We knew the upcoming season of MTV's "The Real World: New Orleans" would be full of hook-ups, body shots and hilarious moments, but from the looks of some new home photos, the style is truly Southern — and we're totally loving it. With shutters and wrought-iron accents in the bedrooms, salvaged bar signage in the kitchen, jazz motifs and the Mardi Gras memorabilia, the down-home decor will be even more exciting than the partying twenty-somethings. (CasaSugar)


According to a new study, the best sex lasts just seven minutes. (We're tempted to make a "seven minutes in heaven" joke here, but that somehow feels off considering our experience with said game consisted of seven very unheavenly — not to mention unsexy — minutes of awkward interaction with the opposite sex.) But, yes, a good romp in the sack is best when it lasts between the aforementioned seven minutes and thirteen minutes, research found. Seems a little short, no? (LimeLife)

Good news for body image this week, at least for young women in Australia. To combat low self-esteem supposedly caused by seeing super-thin models grace billboards and bus stops, the Aussie government announced their new Body Image Initiative, which will "include a voluntary code of conduct ... fashion and media outlets [will earn] a "body image friendly" stamp of approval if they choose to comply." (TresSugar)

  • Norma Kamali's mannequin for the Sidewalk Catwalk

    Courtesy of Norma Kamali
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The News To Know Now
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