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My Body Changed—and How It Changed My Style

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    "Before I had breast implants, I searched for shirts and dresses that would hide how flat-chested I was. I could only wear really specific styles like shift and baby-doll dresses that played up my butt—which I felt was the only feminine part of my body. After I got implants, I finally had the opportunity to dress however I wanted rather than have my style informed by what I considered a 'defect.' In fact, my style actually got less sexy since I didn't feel like I had to compensate for anything. I bought form-fitting sweaters for the first time, and now bras and bikinis are definitely more fun!" —Marianne, 42


    "When I was a size 14, I would only buy clothes at Target or Gap because 'any day' I was going to lose weight and I didn't want to invest in pants that weren't going to fit me 'soon.' I've since lost 30 pounds and the biggest change is that I'm now willing to splurge on quality clothes. Looking back, I know I would have felt better about my appearance if I would have sprung for well-made and properly tailored clothes. I finally ponied up and bought my first pair of AG jeans. They're awesome!" —Jen, 39


    "I'm a chef and used to forgo wearing the long-sleeved formal coat in the kitchen, thinking I would be more comfortable in a simple T-shirt. Exhausted after long hours on my feet, I would inevitably burn my forearms on pans coming out of the oven—and now I have about 12 burn scars on my arms. I feel less self-conscious when I wear long sleeves, so on my wedding day I wore a glamorous silk jacket with three-quarter sleeves that made me feel elegant and comfortable at the same time. When I'm not working I often wear a tailored tweed blazer because it makes me feel confident and stylish, but my new approach is to remind myself: No one is looking at your arms and judging you! I can't suffer through long sleeves in the summer, so I might as well make peace with my scars." —Andrea, 44

My Body Changed—and How It Changed My Style
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