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Rounding Up: A Style Rebirth

Surprise! Being pregnant can improve your fashion

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  • Imagine my surprise, at the pinnacle of roundness, at winning rave reviews from my colleagues and nods of approval from other pregnant women. Instead of pitying my swollen ankles, everyone focused on the fact that at 36 weeks, I was wearing current season. This not only did wonders for my psyche; it also made my shopping spree—one that may sound foolhardy for a woman who hadn't yet bought so much as a baby onesie—seem fiscally defensible (or so I told myself): I wore every piece ad nauseam, up to delivery, and have continued to wear it all since, maybe with a belt.

    It cannot go unremarked that my husband, friends and co-workers told me daily that I looked amazing, whether it was true or not. That at 32, I had the wherewithal and self-knowledge to resist the impulse to buy shapeless, hide-everything sacks or the strangely cutesy things retailers offer moms-to-be (as if—what?—we want to dress like our future baby). And that I was armed with a universal truth: One cannot criticize a pregnant woman's looks without being damned to hell for eternity. But my new daring was more than all this. It was almost chemical; the extra dose of estrogen coursing through my veins seemed to bring a confidence boost, manifested in my wardrobe.

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Rounding Up: A Style Rebirth
Surprise! Being pregnant can improve your fashion
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