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Rounding Up: A Style Rebirth

Surprise! Being pregnant can improve your fashion

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  • A funny thing, though—not that I was laughing at the time—is that once my daughter was born, I promptly lost my newfound ability to put outfits together with anything close to originality or personality. With a newborn and a book project to contend with, I didn't have time to think about why. I just chalked up my pregnancy as 37 weeks in which, against all odds, everything—my hair, nails, skin, clothes—looked somehow right, and then went straight back to struggling to reconcile my love of fashion with the realities of my reconfigured body. Whatever air of confident invincibility I had amassed during my pregnancy chipped away while I was rushing home every day from work to relieve my nanny (yes, in itself a massive luxury). Two full years passed before I took off the weight I gained after having Asha.

    And then, in 2010, literally as the last models walked off the spring runways, I found out (happily) that I was pregnant again. This time, there was nary a cocoon or sack shape in sight. Nothing but glam, high-waisted, '70s-inspired fare, which would look clownish on my short, zaftig self. Plus, with the expenses of parenting to contend with, Marni splurges seemed ill-advised. So I dutifully trooped out to a handful of mass-market maternity stores. But after a 10-minute crying jag in the dressing room of one chain, I realized that boxy, bow-y blouses in ho-hum prints didn't make me look pregnant. They made me look… meh.

Rounding Up: A Style Rebirth
Surprise! Being pregnant can improve your fashion
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